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It all started with singing and choral conducting


"Working as a group of individuals to a common final product"

At the age of 17 I started as a choral conductor near my Hometown Malmedy (B). I gained lots of experience with the female chorus Canta Volare (Beek) and the baroque ensemble Schütz Monteverdi Consort (Maastricht). After my singing and saxophone studies, I studied conducting at the conservatory of Utrecht with Rob Vermeulen. I gained more and more experience in orchestral conducting.

Since 2018 I work at the Theater Aachen as a choral conductor and Kapellmeister, and with the ensemble VivaVoce (Wageningen).
On a regular basis I am a guest conductor at Opera Zuid in Maastricht and at La Monnaie in Brussels.
Since 2020, together with my colleague and friend, Benoît Giaux, we conduct BEvocaL, the Belgian National Youth Choir.

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